Insomnia 2010-12-10

Keep your computer wide awake


  • Prevent your PC from going into sleep mode


  • No other functions/features

Not bad

Insomnia is an incredibly simple, free app that prevents your computer from going into sleep mode.

We’ve all fallen victim to our PC going asleep when we least expect – or want – it to. Prevent inopportune shutdowns by installing Insomnia. This little app stops your computer going to sleep while it is running but there isn't any mouse or keyboard activity, when you are controlling it remotely, for example. The window remains open while it runs (although it can be minimized), and while it’s there, your computer is unable to go asleep.

Insomnia downloads as a .ZIP file. When you open it, you’ll see versions for 32-bit systems, 64-bit, .NET and the source code. Pick the appropriate one (probably 32-bit for most users), and as long as it is running, you won’t experience any loss of use.

Just bear in mind that this is absolutely all Insomnia does – there are no configuration settings, options or other features at all!

Temporarily prevent your computer from going to sleep with Insomnia.



Insomnia 2010-12-10

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    It did everything I wanted, No more and no less. Good for overnight downloads and does not prevent adm...   More